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“What the?!  WOW!” Fans of Volcom men’s hoodies are very familiar with the above phrase. And that’s because it runs through their minds with each new arrival of Volcom’s zip-up, pullover and full-face hoodies. Always creative, always cutting edge, Volcom hoodies have a way of knocking you off your feet before they take permanent residence in your everyday style routine.

Irreverent, controversial, and more than just a bit unique, Volcom hoodies aren’t for the faint of heart. In fact, you’re making a bold statement each time you hit the streets in one of their look-at-me styles. And it has nothing to do with a graphic message that’s screened across the chest (although Volcom does design plenty of those), or a hypercharged print – and there are loads of those types of men’s hoodies too. Instead it’s the details, design and craftsmanship that make Volcom hoodies things of wonder.

Henley plackets, angled seams, and funky pockets aside, Volcom hoodies and fleece are on a mission to not only set trends, but also break the mold of traditional hoodie design. And there’s no better example of this than their revolutionary full-zip styles, in which the hoodie is zipped up and over your face to reveal a monster, an alien, a robot, or even your favorite band member.

So what’s the deal and where does Volcom get their hoodie inspiration? Well that goes way, way back to their early days when founders Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall were in their Dada phase. Don’t know what Dada is? In simple terms, Dadaism was an artistic movement led by the French-American painter Marcel Duchamp whose works rejected logic and reason, and instead focused on irrationality. In other words, Duchamp’s creations were really, really weird. And that attitude resonates in all of Volcom’s designs today, but instead of being weird, they’re simply and powerfully outstanding.

And further, Volcom’s hoodies are no less masters of the California lifestyle scene – the real deal, embracing our cherished Golden State of Mind. Plus, their quality and construction continually has PacSun customers claiming that they’re the most durable and well-designed hoodies they’ve ever worn. (You hear that moms and dads?).

So far all you Volcom hoodie addicts, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you can always get your fill of Volcom right here at PacSun. We’ve been big fans of Volcom since their beginning, and they show their appreciation by allowing us to launch many of their hoodie styles first.

As well, the perfect complement to a Volcom hoodie would be a great pair of awesome Volcom men’s jeans, their latest shirts, shorts, men’s hats and jackets that will keep you warm and styling every day.

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