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Oh Volcom, where would men’s and women’s lifestyle clothing be without you? Our world would be so boring without the mind boggling colors and craziness of your collectible t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, shorts, board shorts and accessories. Your famous Stone icon has been plastered around the world and has won the hearts of millions. (Insert big sigh here.)
Okay, so it’s pretty easy to tell that we’re massive freaks for Volcom.  But can you blame us?  Their men’s and women’s clothing lines capture the spirit of the California lifestyle like no other.  Masters of innovative and progressive street fashion, Volcom can actually take credit for creating the counter culture movement that made surfing, skating and snowboard apparel mainstream.  Crazy, right? 
(And speaking of crazy, what exactly does Volcom mean? Some say it’s ‘moclov’ spelled backwards.  Others say it means nothing at all. We say Volcom is with us and that’s all that matters.
The seeds of Volcom were first planted in 1991.  It was an incredibly different time back then, with much of conservative America looking down on the ‘barbaric’ pastimes of skating and snowboarding.  In fact, snowboarding was banned at most snow resorts across the nation.  It was considered a reckless and rebellious hobby - a fledging sport that challenged the esteemed culture of skiing. But that suited friends Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall just fine.
With Tucker having recently been laid off from work, the two set off on a snowboard trip to Lake Tahoe, CA, intent on riding as much fresh powder as possible.  It was then that they began to strategize the concept of a company that would allow them more time to pursue their new winter obsession.  With $5,000 from Richard's dad, they created their first snowboard-inspired clothing designs.
Being art fans, Richard and Tucker drew from their appreciation of artist Marcel Duchamp - the French-American painter who is credited with founding the Dada movement.  Considered a rebel himself, Duchamp’s works (or anti-art as some call it) rejected logic and reason, and instead focused on irrationality.
Hmmm… weird, crazy, irrational.  Bingo!  A new concept in clothing was born.  And this anti-establishment philosophy is still carried out today in many of Volcom’s top-selling styles.  You’ll see it everything from the graphic art that’s screened on their t-shirts and hoodies, to the angled back yokes and custom Stone stitching that appears on their shirts and polos.
What’s more, the Volcom empire has spread out to the entertainment biz.  Within the last decade, Volcom has become a powerhouse music label, producing albums for both major and up-and-coming bands including Valient Thor, Pepper and Year Long Disaster.  And die-hard Volcom fans are sure to tell you how the brand’s, surf, skate and snowboard videos have used up all the memory on their laptops.
Here at PacSun we’re proud to say that when it comes to meaningful relationships, Volcom has us down for life.  Of course Volcom’s full line of men’s clothing and women’s apparel is part of our regular rotation.  But you can also count on PacSun to carry Volcom’s harder to find items, like shoes, wallets, belts and purses.  That’s just how we roll.
Volcom is a modern lifestyle brand that embodies the creative spirit of youth culture.  The company was founded on liberation, innovation and experimentation while remaining dedicated to the breakdown of established traditions.  Volcom's avant-garde approach to clothing and branding has set it apart in the action sports industry and beyond.
The goal of Volcom is to provide clothing to people who share their passion for art, music, film, skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding and motocross.  They are focused on supporting athletes, artists and musicians - providing a means for creative individuals to come together and collectively express themselves.  This collaborative effort results in everything from the ever-growing "Let the Kids Ride Free" contest series to the high-profile "Volcom Pipeline Pro" surf competition on down to their in-house independent record label - Volcom Entertainment.
Volcom for men, Volcom for women – it’s all waiting here for you at PacSun!