Topo Ranch
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The original Topo Ranch is located between Monterey and San Benito counties in California; those 20,000 acres were part of the Mexican San Lorenzo land grant. Throughout the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the spread was a cattle ranch, fig tree farm, supplier of wool to the U.S. Cavalry, and even used for Western films by the likes of Gary Cooper. Eventually, the bank foreclosed on it, like so many casualties of the Great Depression. The “Topo” for which the ranch was named is Spanish slang for that stretch of land’s most populous inhabitant. We gave him wings to symbolize the rise of Topo Ranch once again, and to give flight to our dream of building a clothing brand that reflects our modern California lifestyle. Known for super-soft organic cotton t-shirts, Topo Ranch now makes its home in Venice, California where the creative culture fuels our pioneering spirit and our signature Beach meets West aesthetic.