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Here’s a riddle for you: How did RVCA get its name? It actually translates into the word “clothing” in the Greek language. Here’s another riddle: What’s black, white and rad all over? Give up? A RVCA men’s t-shirt.

All comedy aside, you have to admit, RVCA’s v-neck, polo, raglan, and long sleeve men’s tees are indeed pretty rad. In fact, we think their special cuts and quality are better than most other men’s tees. Can you guess why?

It all comes down to attention to detail. And if you’ve ever worn a RVCA t-shirt you know exactly what we’re talking about. As a clothing company that has art as their primary focus, RVCA’s keen eye for color and craftsmanship is carried over into every stitch and style point of their world famous men’s tees.

Always up for the unexpected, RVCA’s t-shirt designers pride themselves on mixing clever with classic - just like their tagline “a balance of opposites” suggests. You’ll see this with styles like the RVCA Change Up Pocket Tee that incorporates a standard t-shirt body with futuristic color-blocking and the insanely soft feel of a cotton-poly blend. And more to the point, RVCA’s Kindling Henley Tee (a PacSun exclusive by the way), takes your style to the next level by adding a Henley collar and tonal striping to the mix. These extra touches make a big difference when it comes to setting yourself apart with distinction.

And that’s really what representing the California lifestyle is all about, right? Total Golden State of Mind!  Go ahead and re-work the trends with your own personal flavor for a look that’s undeniably individual. RVCA’s men’s t-shirts will help you get on your way, and so will PacSun as we’ll always be among the first to have RVCA’s latest and greatest t-shirt designs in stock. In fact, we’re so tight with RVCA many of the styles we carry were designed just for our customers. Which means: You’ll. Only. Find. Them. Here.

And while we’re on the subject of RVCA men’s clothing, you can’t forget to check out RVCA’s amazing men’s hoodies and fleece, v-neck t-shirts, shirts and flannels, men’s pants, and their world famous men’s hats.  All right here at PacSun.