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A popular young pro for Mystery Skateboards, 22-year-old Tom Asta hails from (and still lives in) Langhorne, Pennsylvania. The world got its first glimpse of Tom in Zero’s Strange World, where he shared a part with Street League’s Chris Cole. Turning pro in March of 2011, Asta made an impressive pro debut in Mystery’s Color Theory. Asta brought his tech and gnarly bag of tricks to every stop of his rookie Street League series in 2012, and took home the Chevy Overdrive at the Ontario, California stop. When it comes together the day of the contest, and with a year of experience under his belt, 2014 could be the year for Tom to take a huge step up to the podium at Street League.
Chris Cole was born on March 10, 1982 in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, and grew up skating the streets of Philly. From there Cole skated his way into the spotlight and has remained there for over a half decade—one of a select few people to win Thrasher’s Skater of the Year twice, first in 2005 and again in 2009. His skating also earned him Transworld‘s Reader Choice award. Cole won his first Street League at the Munich stop in 2013 and took home the Super Crown Championship for 2013. Perhaps it’s his ability to unveil tricks that have never been done before on handrails and large gaps—or practically anything remotely skateable—that has the skate world in constant awe. Chris has won almost every single important contest in skateboarding and proves himself as one of the best skateboarders in the world every single time he drops a new video part. He is the “Spartan Warrior” of skateboarding.
Born on July 20th, 1986 all the way from Vancouver, British Columbia, Ryan Decenzo has become a real treat for skateboarding. Expect a lot from this guy in the 2014 season and beyond, Street League has a new competitor! As a skater known for pushing the limits, Ryan Decenzo continues to release some of the gnarliest parts around, taking tech tricks on and off some of the biggest obstacles in the streets. His parts in The Bones Video and Transworld’s Hallelujah have been highlights in his career. With a drive to innovate and go bigger and bigger than before, Ryan is a perfect addition to the official SLS Roster.
Austyn Gillette was born on June 21, 1991 in the Los Angeles suburb of La Habra, California, and currently lives in Los Angeles. Austyn burst onto the scene and quickly went pro in 2011 for Habitat Skateboards after proving himself with impressive parts in Habitat’s Inhabitants and Origins videos. In addition to wowing everyone at his first year in Street League in 2012, Austyn kept the web buzzing with two solo video parts for Quiksilver and Thrasher. Since then, Austyn has transitioned from Habitat to 3D Skateboards and Quicksilver has dropped their skate team. But none of these changes changed the man himself or his stylish skating. His mixture of technical innovation, speed, power, and style makes him one of today’s most respected pros.
David Gonzalez was born on August 9, 1990, in Medellin, Colombia. David is a phenomenon, and history proves this young gun was always destined to be a well-known pro. Truth is stranger than fiction, and the story begins when Flip Skateboards flew down to Colombia to pursue the myth of a little ripper unlike any other. After finding young David, Flip’s team was shocked that he was even more talented than they’d imagined. Flip added him to their legendary team, brought him to the States, and David began to tear through the streets of America and cement his legend with undeniable footage and an avalanche of magazine coverage. His rock ‘n’ roll style, raw skill, and fearlessness earned him the last part in Flip’s Extremely Sorry. 2012 was David’s best year yet in Street League (he placed 10th overall), and arguably in the streets, as well. In addition to releasing a psychotic solo part for Thrasher, David won one of the highest awards in skateboarding, Thrasher‘s Skater Of The Year. In April of 2014, David obtained a severe leg break. We wish David a full recovery and look forward to him competing in future Street League events.
Nyjah Huston, was born on November 30th, 1994 in Davis, California, but this name needs no introduction to Street League fans. Nyjah’s been on a rampage since well before his first SLS Championship win in 2010. In 2011, Nyjah had another amazing year, as he finished up his Battle Commander, then dropped his 2011 shocking Rise and Shine solo video through iTunes, which won him Transworld‘s Best Video Part. His street skating and contest rampage also landed him a spot on the revamped DC Shoes pro team. In 2013, Nyjah’s DC video part, Fade to Black put a silence to the notion that he is only a contest skater. Dominating the 2011 Street League contest series, he was only one victory away from a full sweep of the tour; he was defeated by Sean Malto in the 2011 SLS Championships by an astonishingly narrow margin of 1.9 points. Nyjah hit the elite Nine Club four times in 2011, the most notable of which was a backside 270 to noseblunt slide on the Seattle Big Section handrail for a 9.9—the highest scoring trick in Street League history, next to Shane O’Neill’s 9.9 in 2013’s Portland Stop. In 2012, Nyjah continued to dominate, and took back the ring as the 2012 SLS Champion. Still in his teens, he’s already earned more prize money than any skateboarder in history. Nyjah, with a dominating lead in SLS 1st place finishes along with a 1st place finish in the 2014 Tampa Pro, Nyjah is more focused than ever on even more history-making in 2014.
Sean Malto was born on September 9, 1989 in Leavenworth, Kansas, and now lives in Kansas City, Missouri. Malto grabbed the spotlight as an amateur for Girl Skateboards, and quickly became a well-known personality in the skate community after accumulating tons of footage and magazine coverage. Upon turning pro in 2009, Malto more than proved he was worthy of his pro model by winning Transworld‘s Rookie of the Year. Sean’s cheerful nature and casual, effortless style make him look cool while bringing heat to any type of spot, whether transitions, rails, ledges, or any combination of those. Malto won his first Street League Championship in 2011, and with his track record of success and huge fan base at the Kansas City stop and elsewhere, he will be looking to take home another Championship in 2014.
Billy Marks was born on September 29th, 1982 in Corona, California. Marks is one of the more versatile skaters in the league, with go-to tricks for the big section and a wide selection of tricks for every section of the course. Billy’s first video part—Digital Difference in 2002—started a chain of noteworthy coverage, including Toy Machine’s Good & Evil and Suffer The Joy, and Fallen’s Ride the Sky. 2012 and 2013 were solid years in Street League for Billy, finishing 13th overall both years. A consistent skater who is always in contention, will Billy be able to bring it all together for his first SLS win in 2014?
Matt Miller was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the 27-year-old now lives in Costa Mesa, California. Matt was added to Street League in 2012 after his amazing Street League Selection video, not to mention parts in Few and Far Between, Transworld‘s And Now, Zoo York’s State of Mind, and the web-exclusive DC am video, Skateboarding is Forever. Now pro for Expedition Skateboards, Miller brings a style all his own to Street League with his impressive switch and technical tricks, always done with massive pop.
Luan Oliveira was born on September 22, 1990 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Luan is another young skater discovered by Geoff Rowley and Flip Skateboards. After a technically mind-blowing part in Flip’s 2009 video, Extremely Sorry, and a second consecutive win at the Tampa Am contest—the only skater to ever win twice—Luan going pro was the logical next step. Luan represents the new generation of pros who can do the hardest tricks with clean precision and translate the tech to big sets of stairs and rails. 2012 was the first fully healthy Street League season for Luan, finishing in sixth place overall. Luan must love the heat, because he took first in Florida, with a victory at the 2013 Tampa Pro, where he beat 2012 SLS Champion Nyjah Huston, as well as fellow League pros Paul Rodriguez, Austyn Gillette, Shane O’Neill, and Chaz Ortiz. 2013 was an amazing year for Luan in SLS. He made it to finals at every event, placing 3rd in four stops, and took 3rd in the Super Crown Championship with a 4th place overall season finish. With this momentum, look for Luan to bring some heat of his own in 2014 with an inevitable 1st place finish just over the horizon.
Shane was born on January 3, 1990 in Melbourne, Australia. Although the Aussie’s undeniable skills were known throughout Australia for some time, Shane exploded on the U.S. skate scene with his groundbreaking pay-per-download segment video part on His skating shocked fans worldwide and every part he put out, including Transworld’s Not Another Transworld Video, featured tricks that had never even been imagined in video games. Appropriately, Shane quickly went pro for Skate Mental. Despite constantly filming for bigger projects, Shane consistently releases cell phone clips of never-been-done ledge tricks via Twitter; one can only imagine what he saves for sponsor video parts. In 2012, Shane took home the Chevy Overdrive award in New Jersey, even though he broke his foot in the process. Shane is also one of only four pros to ever win a Street League event. With his mind-blowing bag of technical tricks, winning another SLS is only a matter of consistency.
Chaz Ortiz was born on May 4th, 1994 in Chicago, Illinois. At the age of six, Chaz’ father got him his first skateboard, and off he went. In addition to having standout parts in Zoo York’s State of Mind and Paul Rodriguez’ PROOF, Ortiz is one of the few skaters in Street League that made his name skating contests. Ortiz won the Gatorade Free Flow Tour, beating seasoned pros Paul Rodriguez and Ryan Sheckler with his ability to turn tough combos like nollie bigspin backside lipslide and kickflip frontside boardslide kickflip into his stock tricks. A perennial contender at Street League, Ortiz easily secured a spot in the 2012 Street League championships, where he placed third. On top of having a solid 2012 in SLS, Chaz also released an amazing solo video part for Zoo York. Unfortunately, at the start of the 2013 Tour, Chaz injured his ankle and was out for most of the season. Now, fully rehabbed and recovered, we can expect the talented “Steez” Ortiz to be at the top of his game. Early 2014, Chaz dropped an amazing Battle Commander video for The Berrics website. He’s been close so many times; you can count on Chaz to chase down his first Street League win in the 2014 tour.
Another Valley guy who rips, Torey Pudwill came up in Simi Valley, California. As a tyke, Torey was known as the kid ripper at the old Shorty’s skatepark. Since then, Torey has grown into a skater with massive pop and insane skills—skating his way into a position of respect and notoriety. His first notable video part was DVS’ Skate More, but DVS’ Dudes Dudes Dudes, Paul Rodriguez’s PROOF, and Transworld’s Hallelujah put Torey at the top of the street skating game. His jaw-dropping Battle Commander on and his Big Bang part released on Thrasher‘s site cemented his position. Beyond Torey’s rise on the streets, he has also shown the ability to be a top contender in contests. Torey’s consistency on insanely technical tricks never cease to amaze.
Peter Ramondetta was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1982, but now he calls San Francisco home. Ramondetta is well-known skater who usually steers clear of the contest scene, focusing instead on destroying the streets. He has a reputation for being a solid, all-around skater who can destroy any obstacle in front of him. Making countless appearances in skate mags, gracing numerous covers, and dropping bombs in videos such as Real Skateboards’ Since Day One, Peter will surely turn heads in 2013 with his amazing consistency, bold skate style, and diverse trick ability. Street League is proud to have such a raw street skater on its 2013 roster.
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Dylan Rieder was born May 26, 1988 in Westminster, California. From the get-go, Dylan was on everyone’s radar with a constant flow of amazing magazine coverage, incredible ads and arguably the best ollie impossible in skateboarding. With his breakout part in Transworld’s A Time to Shine, Dylan’s recognition within the skate world grew, thanks to his smooth style, unique persona, and ability to skate any kind of spot. Between tearing apart transitions, his creative approach to street skating, and tricks like switch big spin kickflips down big sets of stairs, it was only a matter of time until Dylan turned pro. Following his part in the renowned Alien Workshop’s Mindfield, as well as his newest video part for Supreme’s Cherry—which became one of the more talked about video parts as of late—Dylan’s street skating cred is peerless. Regarded for his smooth style on and off the board, Dylan has become a fan favorite in Street League skateboarding.
Paul Rodriguez was born in Tarzana, California on December 31, 1984. Paul began skating in 1996 and was a natural from the start, outshining his peers in magazines and videos as a 14-year-old. As a teenager, Paul was skating so well, some of the most seasoned pros began looking up to him, and his progression only continued. In 2002, Paul turned pro and won Transworld‘s Rookie of the Year. Paul has been the golden child of street skateboarding, of sorts, and has been made the face of Nike SB. He’s most notable for his amazing switch skills making him one of the few skaters who can perform just about any trick, off any obstacle, switch! Paul was able to claim his first win at Street League in 2012, and then another in 2013 at the Portland stop. Recently, Paul has made a huge transition leaving the Plan B team and creating his own skateboard company, Primitive Skateboarding, with hope to change the industry standards and improve the lives of both professional skateboarders and the core fans. With these progressive changes, and taking 3rd overall in 2013 SLS, you can expect Paul to be as on-point as ever going into the 2014 tour, looking to stack a few more Street League wins and maybe even a Championship victory. With a list of accomplishments as long as Paul’s, those may be the last things missing.
Bastien Salabanzi was born on November 18, 1986 in Toulon, France. A well-known prodigy in Europe, Bastien attracted the attention of Flip, turned pro in 2000, and had his international breakout video part at age 15 in Flip’s video, Sorry. He continued his rampage with parts in Really Sorry and European wheel brand Lordz’ video They Don’t Give A F#&k About Us. In 2006, Bastien parted ways with his American sponsors and returned to France. After a few years under the radar, Bastien started showing up at contests around Europe, and released several internet clips that made it clear, his skills had never diminished. As the winner of the 2012 European Selection, Bastien came out swinging at SLS’ first stop in Kansas City, placing second. One of the more ambitious Skaters out there, Bastien has been known to be the first and last skateboarder in practice. A fan favorite for his showmanship and visible excitement during contests, Bastien will be aiming for his first SLS win in 2014.
Tommy Sandoval was born, raised, and still resides in Chula Vista, California. With “Die Trying” tattooed across his chest, Tommy lives up to the motto with a high tolerance for pain that lets him push the limits on rails, gaps, ledges, and virtually every spot he skates. Tommy remains an unpredictable, enigmatic figure in skateboarding, and it’s assumed he wants to keep it that way. Always a thrill to watch, Tommy had an all-around solid year in 2012. Tommy goes big, and when it comes together, he is a dangerous competitor at Street League.
Born on Sept 10th, 1985 in Puerto Rico, Manny Santiago developed his amazingly consistent skills in a small town near Boston, MA. After turning pro only a few years ago in 2011 by AMMO skateboards, Manny has put in his dues and has shown himself to be one of the hardest working skaters, with an unparalleled drive and commitment to releasing stronger and stronger video parts for both his sponsors and his social media presence on YouTube. At the beginning of 2014, Manny dropped his highly anticipated video part Salt N’ Pepper which astounded everybody. No stranger to the contest scene, Manny earned his place as an official Street League Pro by dominating the 2013 Select Series and even ranked 3rd at the Barcelona stop. Don’t let his trademark smile fool you, Manny is a fierce competitor that should keep everyone on their toes.
Ryan Sheckler was born on December 30, 1989 in San Clemente, California. At 18 months, Sheckler started playing with a skateboard, and by age six he was skating every day. In 2003, he went pro at the age of 14 after winning four major skate contests. In 2007, Ryan gained crossover fame via his own MTV reality show “Life of Ryan.” Since then, Ryan has kept his focus on skateboarding, continued winning contests, and received consistent coverage in magazines. Sheckler was born and raised on contests (he won his first X Games gold at the age of 13, after all) and strategically plans out a path to the podium. He also knows how to handle pressure: Ryan’s spot in the 2012 Championship was not won without some serious nerves. Based on the standings going into the Arizona stop, Ryan needed to finish third or better to qualify. That’s a tall order for any Street League pro, but Ryan did exactly what was needed and made it to the SLS Championships, where he finished fifth. With that kind of goal-setting and focus, if all goes to plan, he should notch a win at Street League soon.
Born on August 29th, 1982 in Newbury Park, California. Mikey Taylor is another well-known pro from The Valley. Skating all day, every day since he started, Mikey still manages to keep the fun flowing. Though he enjoys what he does, Mikey’s tireless work ethic is the secret to his success. He continues to skate long and hard, whether he lands his trick or loses his mind and breaks his board in the process. When it comes to competition, he keeps it light and entertaining, so much that highlights his classic social interactions every week through his own series, “Mikey Days.” Taylor also released an amazing solo video part in 2012 to coincide with the release of his first pro model from DC Shoes. Recently, Mikey made a big move and left his longtime board sponsor, Alien Workshop. In the meantime he has been filming with DC and training for the next SLS Tour in 2014. Mikey remains a solid force at Street League and is always looking to claim a spot in the finals with his range difficult tricks, unique style, and sunny disposition.
Ishod Wair was born November 1, 1991 in Bordentown, New Jersey. Since making his name with an impressive video part in Real’s Since Day One, Ishod has left his mark on a number of non-league contests. One of the most entertaining skaters to watch on the Street League course, Ishod came out charging in his rookie year, winning the Chevrolet Overdrive in the Kansas City. Ishod also released an amazing part in the Philly local video Sabotage 3, which was remixed and released on Thrasher‘s website. In 2013, Ishod not only almost won a SLS stop in Portland, but released his Fourstar video part Wear ‘N’ Tear and Nike Sb’s Chronicles 2 part. This gave him the momentum to earn one of the most prestigious award in skateboarding, Thrasher’s 2013 Skate Of The Year award. Ishod is undoubtedly talented, absolutely capable of a win at Street League, and he’s been on a steady killing spree, so 2014 could be his year.