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Nike SB Men’s Shoes and Sneakers

Congratulations! You’ve just been hired as the new Nike SB men’s shoe designer. Your job description: Create awesome skate shoes that not only look cool, but can perform under extreme conditions.

So where do you start? What’s your inspiration? What will the Nike SB men’s shoes do that no other skate footwear can? Thankfully you have Nike’s astounding 50-year history to rely on.

As the story goes, Nike was originally knows as Blue Ribbon Sports back in 1964, led by University Of Oregon track athlete Phil Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman. In 1978 they finally changed the name to Nike after the Greek goddess of victory, and succeeded in revolutionizing the world of sports with superior shoes and apparel. In 1988, Just Do It became Nike’s official slogan - and yes, they certainly did.

But as much as Nike’s infinite collection of athletic shoes have helped build their global brand to mega status, so has their amazing roster of athletes. You’ve got Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky, and Cristiano Ronaldo just to name a few. So it would make perfect sense that when you’re in charge of creating a revolutionary skate shoe, you should seek out skating’s legendary pioneers.

And that’s exactly what the Nike SB shoe designers were thinking when they approached Paul Rodriquez and Lance Mountain in 2001 to be the brand’s first ambassadors. The roster has since grown to include Eric Koston, Shane O’Neill, Omar Salazar and Stefan Janoski - whose signature Nike SB skate shoes happen to be some of PacSun’s best sellers.

While all the SB skate shoes were designed for incredible comfort, control and durability, Janoski’s line delivers loads of whoa and wow with more cushioning, but also with better board feel. We’ve recently heard a rumor that his latest collection was modeled after orthopedic nurses’ shoes. With as many hours as those nurses spend on their feet, you can bet their footwear must be pretty supportive!

But whatever your skate shoe flavor, you can rely on Nike SB to deliver your favorite design elements, including vulcanized constructions, reinforced toecaps, padded tongues and collars, and a variety of suede, nubuck and leather uppers.

Nike SB skate shoes are also the perfect complement to the entire Nike SB line for men, including Nike SB men’s hats, Nike SB men’s hoodies, Nike SB T-shirts and more, as well as Nike SB men’s socks to soothe and rock your feet while you skate off in your best Nike SB skate shoes. 

Even better, you’ll find all of Nike SB’s latest men’s shoe releases - and Nike SB men’s clothing - right here at PacSun.