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Precision and premium quality. You’ll find it in every stitch and detail of a Nike SB hoodie and crew fleece pullover. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of athletic shoes and men’s apparel, Nike brings every bit of their 50-year history to the design and high performance of their skate inspired clothing line. And you’d better believe that no expense was spared when it came to conceptualizing a men’s hoodie that would do more than look cool and feel great. Like all of Nike’s products, the Nike SB hoodie had to dominate. And judging by our customers’ huge demand - it definitely does.
Like all of Nike SB’s skate shoes, their men’s hoodies were designed to take a beating and come back just as strong. So how do they do it? Insanely strong and durable fabrics. It’s true. In 2004, the Nike SB design team searched the far corners of the earth to find the very best cotton fibers. Then they took their haul back to the Nike laboratories where clothing scientists fused the cotton together with futuristic fabrics that we’re not even allowed to talk about. What resulted was a monstrous combination of superior strength and style. (Plus comfy softness… because what good is a hoodie if it’s not cozy, right?)

Straight from Nike SB design lab, the hoodie attacked the streets. People went nuts, riots broke out, and everything we previously knew about hoodies was destroyed. Indeed, the Nike SB hoodie was killer – a total game changer.

And if you don’t believe us, just ask skate legends Lance Mountain and Paul Rodriguez. They immediately saw the power of the Nike SB hoodie and jumped on board to be the first brand ambassadors.

Still not convinced that Nike SB hoodies reign supreme? Go ahead and check one out for yourself. PacSun always has a ton, in both men’s pullover and crew fleece zip-up styles. We’re pretty stoked on the Nike SB Northrup. Its style is clean and classic with a bold Nike logo graphic screened across the chest. Plus, we love that it doesn’t shrink or fade in the wash. Anyway, the important thing is that if you’re in the market for a stellar men’s hoodie, pullover or men’s crew fleece that can stand up to the tests of time, then a Nike SB hoodie will rule your world.

And best of all, Nike SB men’s hoodies and crew fleece are the ideal combo with your best Nike SB T-shirts, Nike SB hats and Nike SB skate shoes.  The total Nike SB package is all here at PacSun now!