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We have to say we’re really impressed with the new line of Nike SB men’s t-shirts. Clean, classic and well designed, these skate-inspired men’s tees look right at home making a style statement on the streets as they do riding your backyard mini ramp (wearing your Nike SB skate shoes of course!)
As we were looking the entire Nike SB collection over, we were led to ponder the importance of t-shirts in our everyday life. Here in Southern California, t-shirts in their various forms of v-necks, long sleeves and raglan sleeve styles are as much a part of the landscape as palm trees. Can you imagine a world without t-shirts? Stop for a moment and think about how many tees you’ve owned, worn and loved. Boggles the mind doesn’t it?
For such a simple piece of clothing, the humble t-shirt just might be the most important piece of apparel ever created. For the hundred-plus years since the t-shirt was created (actually, they first became popular in the US when they were issued by the U.S. Navy following the Spanish American War - go ahead and Google it), not too much has changed. Sure, t-shirts, especially men’s tees, have evolved into a variety of cuts and styles, but the general format of a t-shirt is pretty much the same as it was in the late 1890s – and at the same time, companies like Nike SB have taken the t-shirt to a whole new level.
Nike SB, being who they are, was far from satisfied with the status quo and asked the question, “How can we make a better men’s t-shirt?” Their answer was to combine the world’s strongest, most durable fabrics and cotton fibers with sports technology. What resulted were exceptional t-shirts that don’t just look cool, but actually keep you cool with intense breathability.
And whether you’re rocking the Nike SB Tried And True t-shirt or one of your other personal favorites, you can be sure that its coloring and construction will endure. Wash and wear these nearly indestructible t-shirts as often as you like and they come out looking practically new.
But don’t just take our word for it. Take home a Nike SB t-shirt and find out for yourself if the rumors are true. (They are). And keep in mind, PacSun will always have Nike SB’s latest t-shirt styles in full supply.
And last, but not least, a Nike SB men’s t-shirt just has to be paired with a Nike SB hoodie and your best pair of Nike SB skate shoes.  Now, you’re rocking it right.  Check out PacSun’s entire line of Nike SB men’s clothing and apparel, right here.