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2015 Tampa Pro Recap Tampa, FL March 20-22 2015

2015 Tampa Pro Recap

Tampa, FL March 20-22 2015

Street League Skateboarding 2015 Tampa Pro Recap Slide 1
Street League Skateboarding 2015 Tampa Pro Recap Slide 2
Street League Skateboarding 2015 Tampa Pro Recap Slide 3
Street League Skateboarding 2015 Tampa Pro Recap Slide 4
Street League Skateboarding 2015 Tampa Pro Recap Slide 5
Street League Skateboarding 2015 Tampa Pro Recap Slide 6
Street League Skateboarding 2015 Tampa Pro Recap Slide 7
Street League Skateboarding 2015 Tampa Pro Recap Slide 8
Street League Skateboarding 2015 Tampa Pro Recap Slide 9
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PacSun is proud to support the SLS Nike SB World tour, a competition that elevates street skateboarding and showcases an international roster of skating's elite pros as they compete in an easy-to-follow, instant-scoring format. At each stop on the tour, world-famous arenas are transformed into custom concrete skate plazas, challenging the pros to raise their skateboarding to new highs. The winner of each tour event is guaranteed a spot in the 2015 Street League Super Crown World Championship in Chicago.

Tom Asta
2015 will be Tom Asta's third time competing in the Nike SB Street League World Tour, and that could mean this will be his most charming season yet. At just 23 years of age and having been in the professional ranks for four years it's safe to assume now is the time it will all come together for him. Asta finished the 2014 season in 14th place overall, just like he did in 2012, his rookie year, but had highlights that ranked among the top tour performers. In 2014 he won the #DIAMONDLIFE Best Trick Contest (a treat for the fans in attendance which takes place after every stop) with a massive kickflip backside nosegrind down the hubba. Similarly in 2012 at the Ontario, California stop he won the Chevy Overdrive. Asta's best overall performances in 2014 came in three stops last year: The Monster Energy Pro Open, Chicago and Los Angeles where he finished 11th. Look for him to surpass his previous feats in 2015.
Matt Berger
Matt Berger comes off as a quiet and unimposing Canadian, but don't let his demeanor fool you when it comes to competing, because what he does on a skateboard speaks volumes, and he's got a track record to prove it. He won the Etnies' "Am Getting Paid" contest in 2010. A year later he placed second overall and won the best trick contest at the Maloof Money Cup in Washington, DC. Soon after he transitioned quickly from flow to officially amateur for Flip Skateboards. In April 2014 he won the 2014 Phoenix Am contest and a month later was when he made Street League history.

In May 2014 he made a name for himself when he qualified in the top spot in the first annual Monster Energy Street League Pro Open in Los Angeles. His performance that day secured him a spot on the tour. From there he had a great rookie season, in which he qualified for the finals at each stop and was in seventh place heading into the Super Crown championship. He finished in 5th place at the Super Crown, ahead of Paul Rodriguez, Luan Oliveira and Shane O'Neill.

He was the 7th best skater on the tour overall with an average trick score of 7 and his highest scoring trick was an 8.7. Now that he's a bit more seasoned and knows what to expect at each stop don't be surprised if he takes it up a few notches in 2015 and inches closer to making an appearance at the winner's podium. Having just turned Pro for Flip, it's safe to say he is on his way.
Chris Cole
Chris Cole is not only a fan favorite but also someone the rest of the Street League riders root for. This could be because he is one of the nicest and most talented people in all of skateboarding. Nyjah Huston was once quoted as saying, "There's no trick Chris Cole can't do." It can also be said that there is no contest Cole can't win. He has won The Dew Tour, Maloof Money Cup, Battle of the Berrics, Copenhagen Pro and X Games to name a few.

In 2013 he was electrifying in Street League, placing second in three stops and winning his first stop ever in Munich, Germany, and later the Super Crown championship. 2014 wasn't a good year for Cole in Street League, he placed 9th overall and his 7th place showing at the Monster Energy Pro Open was his best. Despite placing 14th in Chicago and 10th in Los Angeles he had an average trick score of 7.7 and his highest scored trick was an 8.4. He didn't make it to the Super Crown but is specifically the type of person who can bounce back from a down year, because he knows the Street League format well and knows precisely how to skate in order to win the contest.
Trevor Colden
Trevor Colden has just kind of gone for it his whole life and luckily both in life and skating he always seems to land on the bolts. Growing up skating in VIrginia Beach, Virginia his family moved around a lot and he wasn't enjoying school so he dropped out and committed himself to skateboarding. When the opportunity came for him to visit California he didn't return to Virginia, and turned the visit into a permanent move. Eight months later he had a board sponsor and was living in San Diego. Around the same time he got a shoe sponsor and released a video part. When he was 17 he won the Tampa Am in 2011. Three years later and now riding for Skate Mental and Nike SB he was one of three riders to qualify for the Nike SB World tour by way of the Monster Energy Pro Open. He ranked tenth overall in his rookie year with an average trick score of 7.4 and his highest scored trick was 8.3.
Ryan Decenzo
Canadian Ryan Decenzo got into Street League by placing fourth at the LA stop in 2013, after competing in the grueling global Select Series. In 2014, his rookie season, he finished 12th overall, even though he had poor showings in Chicago (19th) and at the Monster Energy Pro Open (17th). His fourth place performance in LA in 2014, is more along the lines of the skater people saw skating in the Select Series, hungry to get into the league. With his rookie year behind him he is primed to do better. His average trick score was 7.3 and his overall highest scored trick was an 8.9, so it's clear he's got what it takes to get it done. Perhaps 2015 is the year he elevates himself on the tour.
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez has been in Street League since day one, but he's had to battle injuries a lot of the time. He missed some of the 2013 stops with an ankle injury and all of the 2014 stops with a broken leg. Now that he's healthy in 2015, we'll hopefully get to see him skate at the level that won him Thrasher's Skater of the Year award in 2012. Gonzalez is from Medellin, Colombia, where he grew up as a gymnast. He quit gymnastics for skateboarding and after a friend of his sent a video of him skating to Flip, they were so enamored with Gonzalez that they flew down to meet him and put him on the team. Since he's been on the tour he's been a fan favorite, and with a career average highest scored trick of 8.15, it is certain there will be more high-flying highlights from him to come in 2015.
Felipe Gustavo
Brazilian Felipe Gustavo is officially a Street Leaguer after an excellent day of skating at the 2015 Tampa Pro finals gave him that promotion he had been seeking. The 2007 Tampa Am winner placed 6th overall but took home one of two spots that were up for grabs at the Tampa Pro, which comes after years of trying to make it on the Nike SB World Tour. In 2014 he skated as an alternate because David Gonzalez was injured. Prior to that he took part in the Select Series, but lost to Ryan Decenzo and Manny Santiago, who made it onto the tour. In the Select Series he was the first to earn a 9 with a 360 flip frontside nose grind 180 out. More of his technical prowess will be on display this season, which will be a delight for all fans. He may even win a stop this year which for Gustavo, wouldn't be much of a surprise at all.
Kelvin Hoefler
Brazilian Kelvin Hoefler is the freshest face on the 2015 Nike SB World Tour after placing third at the 21st annual Tampa Pro and also being the top non-SLS pro in the contest. His promotion may have come as a surprise to some but Hoefler's been pretty solid in competition lately. In 2014 he placed 1st and 2nd at two Dew Tour events and also won two Dew Tour best trick contests. Later he went on to win the 2014 Kimberley Diamond Cup in South Africa over Nyjah Huston, giving Huston his only loss of the season. Hoefler is a hungry competitor and if he continues to beat Nyjah Huston, fans will enjoy rooting for him this season.
Nyjah Huston
Nyjah Huston has been Street League's most victorious competitor, racking up so many wins that his first championship in 2010 almost seems forgettable. In 2011 he nearly swept all the stops but lost to Sean Malto in the final. He was so dominant that year that he was in the 9 Club four times including a backside 270 noseblunt slide on the big section handrail in Seattle, for a 9.9 -- tied for the highest scored trick ever in Street League with Shane O'Neill. In 2012 he won all the stops including the Super Crown, with the exception of a 4th place finish in Glendale, AZ. In 2013 he won 4 out of 8 stops and placed second at the Super Crown. In 2014 he won all the stops including the Super Crown with a blistering average trick score of 8.4. It's not unlikely that he could sweep in 2015 and that it could perhaps be his best year yet.
Sean Malto
Fan-favorite Sean Malto missed all of the 2014 season with an ankle injury, which he has fully recovered from as evidenced by his competing earlier this year at the Tampa Pro. Now that he's eager to be back skating, he should be able to quickly get back to his winning ways in Street League. In 2013 he was 5th overall with an average trick score of 7.5 and a highest scored trick of 9.5. His best finishes in 2013 were 2nd in Brazil and 3rd at the Super Crown. In 2012 he was also 5th overall, but his best year was in 2011 where he took home the championship with a win over Nyjah Huston by less than 2 points. Fans are eager to see if he can do that again in 2015.
Matt Miller
Pittsburgh, PA native Matt Miller is an example of someone who made it from the streets to the league and has truly stepped into the arena. He was added to the league after submitting an impressive Street League Selection video. He always shows up ready to compete and now that he's got three seasons under his belt, the sky is limit. Although 2014 was his worst year in Street League, Miller is the type to move past that and get on with his skating. Known for his pop and technical prowess, he is one of those on the tour who could hit on all cylinders, and put on a show.
Luan Oliveira
Brazil's Luan Oliveira is a proven champion who has been steadily figuring out how to win Street League, and since 2012 he has moved up in the overall rankings two spots each year. From 6th to 4th in 2013, up to 2nd last year. What this means is he is closer to his first Street League win than you might think. In 2013 he placed 3rd in the four final stops including the championship, behind only Nyjah Huston and Chris Cole. In 2014 he had an average trick score of 8 and his highest scored trick was a 9.5. He won the 2015 Tampa Pro contest beating out Nyjah Huston and appears ready to unleash on the 2015 Nike SB World Tour.
Shane O'Neill
Australia's Shane O'Neill has a skill set that is beyond compare and getting that to sync up when it's all on the line in Street League has been something he's been continuously working at. Year after year he has been improving statistically and showing signs that it's coming together for him in Street League. In 2010 he won the Las Vegas stop. In 2011 in Seattle he had his best showing of the year placing second. In 2012 he finished in 12th overall but made the 9 Club with a 9.5. In 2013 he finished in 7th overall but his average trick score went up nearly three points from the previous year to 7.4. At the Portland stop he earned a 9.9 (tied for the highest scored trick in Street League history with Nyjah Huston) for a switch double 360 flip. The following year, 2014, was his most consistent Street League season to date. He finished 4th overall with an average trick score of 8.2 and his highest scored trick was a scorching 9.8. The way he's been progressing shows that he could be ready to have a breakout season in 2015.
Chaz Ortiz
Chicago's Chaz Ortiz has a contest-skating background which has helped him greatly in Street League. As an amateur Chaz Ortiz won the 2007 Gatorade Free Flow tour. In 2008 he won the Dew Cup from three time champion Ryan Sheckler. A year later he turned pro for Zoo York and placed third at the 2009 Tampa Pro contest. In 2010, during his first Street League season he was remarkable. He placed 6th in Glendale, AZ, then second in Ontario, CA and then 4th in the finals in Las Vegas, NV. In 2011 he skated his way to 3rd place in the Seattle, WA and Kansas City, MO stops before taking 9th in Arizona, but placed 4th in the championship in New Jersey. In 2012 he finished 4th overall, taking 3rd place in Kansas City, 2nd place in Ontario, 11th in Glendale and 3rd in the championship. In 2013 he was injured and missed most of the season, but returned in 2014 to finish 6th overall with an average trick score of 7.7, and a highest scored trick of 8.5. Now, after placing 5th at the Tampa Pro contest this year, Ortiz looks primed to finish among the top riders this season on the 2015 Nike SB World Tour.
Torey Pudwill
Torey Pudwill is a Street League fan favorite whether it's for his jovial personality or his lipslide combos. The Simi Valley native has been getting better with each season and it shows in his stats. In 2012 he finished 18th overall, had an average trick score of 5.7 and his highest scored trick was a 7.0. In 2013 he finished 6th overall, and raised his average trick score to 7.2 and his highest trick score was an 8.7. 2014 was his best season yet. He finished 3rd overall, had an average trick score of 8 and his highest scored trick was a 9.2. 2015 could see him win a stop or two the way he's been skating Street League as of late.
Peter Ramondetta
Peter Ramondetta is a pure ripper hailing from Wichita, Kansas, who now resides in San Francisco, California. Ramondetta is known for having a variety of skills, which allow him to skate all kinds of obstacles. He doesn't have the contest background that some of his fellow Street Leaguers have but watch any stop and you'll he see he can hold his own with the best of them. His 2014 stats aren't as impressive as his 2012 ones, but his best year was the grueling 2013 season which included 6 stops and lots of traveling-- where he finished 12th. In 2015 Ramondetta will surely be among those to keep on eye as he looks to improve upon last year.
Paul Rodriguez
When it comes to Street League Paul Rodriguez is someone who truly has a chance to win every stop, and even those competing against him will tell you that with confidence. He may be the son of comedian Paul Rodrguez, but he is no laughing matter. The reason is that he is able to alternate between his normal stance which is goofy, and switch, with such ease that it becomes hard to tell what his natural stance actually is. Some believe his stance is really regular and not goofy, as if it makes a difference. The bottom line is he can do hard tricks with both feet whether he's rolling backwards or forwards, or popping off the tail or the nose. In Street League each time it's his turn to skate he never plays it safe, attempting the tricks that will get him the most points. This approach led him to some wins. He won his first stop in 2012 in Glendale Arizona. That year he finished second overall with 5 9 Club scores. His highest scored trick was a 9.6. He won his second stop in Portland, Oregon in July of 2013. That season he finished in 3rd place with an average trick score of 8.1 and a highest scored trick of 9.4. He had similar statistics in 2014 but finished 5th overall. Regardless of rank, if he's in the finals, he's a sure bet to make the winner's podium. Keep that in mind in 2015.
Bastien Salabanzi
France's Bastien Salabanzi was a child prodigy discovered in Europe by Flip Skateboards in the late 1990s. He turned pro in 2000 and had amazing video parts in Flip's "Sorry" and "Really Sorry". He is also a prolific contest skater. His wins are too numerous to list, but plenty of them are worth mentioning. He won Tampa Pro in 2004 and placed second there in 2005. The same year he won the WSR05 contest in Rotterdam, Holland. In 2006 he won the Mystic Skate Cup in Prague, Austria. In 2007 he won the Copenhagen Pro in Denmark. In 2008 he won the Globe Metz Master contest. In 2010 he placed fourth at the Maloof Money Cup in New York CIty. Two years later he was in Street League after winning the European selection. He and 12 other European pros were given 12 hours to film a part at a park in Barcelona and fans, judges and street league pros voted on it. In his first Street League stop in Kansas City, MO he came in second, which is his best result to date. In his three years in Street League he's had highest scored tricks of 9.2 in 2012 and 9.3 in 2014. 2015 will be another year for fans to root this energetic, quick-flicking, Frenchman onto victory.
Tommy Sandoval
Tommy Sandoval is known for giving skateboarding all he's got, making it a real treat to see him skate in person. The way this curly-haired big-grinned guy from Chula Vista, California skates will steal your attention. WIth an affinity for rails and stairsets, watching him go at the impact section is entertaining. Even if he doesn't make his trick, you're left feeling impressed by his dedication and effort. That approach also translates well to the flow and control sections where he's put together fast-paced flowing runs throughout the course, as well as landing complex trick combos on ledges. Although his best overall ranking was 11th in 2012, each season he has had a highest scoring trick of 8 or better with a 9.1 coming in 2013. Sandoval will continue to win fans over and judges with his relentless approach to skating and his unique talent. Hopefully in 2015 he can come up with a win.
Manny Santiago
Manny Santiago has a lot of fun skating contests and people are drawn to that. Hailing all the way from Lowell, Massachusetts he set the 2013 Select Series ablaze winning more stops than anybody else and ultimately ended up getting promoted to the Street League along with Ryan Decenzo. In 2014 he finished 15th but had a good average trick score of 7.2 and an overall highest trick score of 8.3. His best finish to date is 3rd in Barcelona, Spain in 2013, and everyone is hoping he can return to that form in 2015.
Ryan Sheckler
Ryan Sheckler made a name for himself as a fearless kid skating the kind of big obstacles that make grown men cringe under consideration. For his grit and drive he turned pro at 14 after winning a gold medal at the X Games in 2003. In 2005 and 2006 he won three of five Dew Tour events and wound up 1st overall both years. In 2007 he became a household name due to his reality show "Life of Ryan" which aired on MTV. He won another gold medal at the X Games in 2008 and stopped his reality show in 2009 to focus on skateboarding. In 2010 he won another gold medal at the X Games and also won the Tampa Pro contest. From 2012 to 2014 he was first overall in Dew Tour. Street League however, remains a contest that he has yet to win, and injuries have kept him out of contention, but now that he is healthy we'll hopefully see him get his first victory in 2015.
Davis Torgerson
Davis Torgerson isn't your typical skater because he likes ball and stick sports, especially golf, but that's not all. Torgerson, who is from Minnesota, was about to start his freshman orientation at the University of Minnesota when Real Skateboards asked him to go on his first skate trip. He still planned to go on with orientation when he got back but was asked to go on another trip which led him to postpone college and give skateboarding a shot. It worked out because today he is pro for Real Skateboards and DC Shoes and is on the Nike SB Street League World Tour. He qualified third among non SLS pros at the Monster Energy Pro Open in 2014. The same year, his rookie year, he finished in 12th overall in Chicago, IL and 9th in Los Angeles, CA. He finished the year in 13th overall. Look for him to do better in 2015.
Ishod Wair
Real Skateboards' Ishod Wair was the 2013 Thrasher Skater of the Year, dropping four video parts, most notably his work in Nike SB "Chronicles Vol. 2" and his footage for his Philly friends Brian Panebianco and Ryan Higgins' video "Sabotage 3". Wair, who is from New Jersey, has fans loving his skating because not only is it stylish but also since he puts out so much footage no one can reasonably complain they're not seeing enough of him. In Street League he has had his moments, winning the Chevy Overdrive in Kansas City in 2012, and nearly winning the Portland stop in 2013. He has shown he can skate any obstacle and make certain ones work to his advantage. In 2014 he averaged a score of 8 per trick and his highest scored trick was a 9.4. His best finish was 2nd at the 2014 Monster Energy Pro Open, but the day he wins a stop, with a following as voracious as his, they might crash this website.
Cody McEntire
Cody McEntire is an exciting skater to watch because he combines a raw skating style with technical prowess. The Texas native won Tampa Am in 2006 just eight years after he started skating. He turned Pro for Blind Skateboards in 2013 and at the 2015 Tampa Pro contest he was skating so well it appeared he was on his way to winning a spot on the SLS tour, but it didn't happen that day. However, McEntire isn't easily deterred and he bounced back in Barcelona at the Pro Open. McEntire dominated the first day, finishing 3rd among the top 8. Sunday however is where he turned it up a notch. He sat atop the leaderboard for a majority of the finals, and earned a spot into Street League. His 30 point average for the weekend against the best skaters in the world is a sign that this year he will be in the thick of things at every stop he skates.
Evan Smith
Evan Smith, of Orlando, FL, caught the eye of Mike Vallely when he was just 16, and was asked to be on Element Skateboards, but Smith didn't feel he was ready. So when his board sponsor went out of business four years later, he called Element to see if they still had interest in him and they did. Smith turned pro in 2013 and released a video part to coincide with his promotion called "The Evan Smith Experience". He skated the Street League Select Series in 2013 and often made the finals. His best showing was 4th in Barcelona. Last year he nearly made it into the league by way of the Nike SB Pro Open in Los Angeles, but was off by a point. This year there is no denying that he has captivated SLS fans with his aerial prowess, fast skating and unstoppable energy. In Barcelona he finished 3rd overall, had two 9 club tricks in competition and was the top scoring non-SLS pro. His track record and enthusiasm make him a welcome addition to the 2015 SLS Nike SB World Tour.
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