Mighty Healthy
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This is NYC embodied.

Once in a while, a film, an album, or an artist comes along that amplifies the idiosyncrasies of everyday life to create something that we're all forced to recognize from that point onward. In this tradition we present the first, one and only progressive street brand, Mighty Healthy.

Fuelled by lives spent skating, watching movies, memorizing music and obsessing over the innate style that the amassed tribes who dwell in this city made their own, Mighty Healthy has grown from the Brooklyn Banks to become a worldwide movement. Always skate-centric, but constantly elevating, it's irreverent, knowing and unapologetic.

If a New York minute can compress pandaemonium like no other, in the 10 years since Mighty Healthy's birth in 2004, this brand and its founding team have lived multiple lifetimes. And it's still young.