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Hurley Men’s T-Shirts


Think fast: How many t-shirts are hanging in your closet. Twenty? Maybe thirty or more? Don't forget about your long sleeve tees. And chances are you probably have some v-neck t-shirts and pocket tees in your collection too. Face it, tees, t-shirts, whatever you want to call them, they're a style staple that's here to stay. Hurley knows this, which is why they put so much time, attention and detail into their men's t-shirt designs.

When you're wearing a Hurley men's t-shirt, you don't just see the quality—you feel it. And that's due to their premium quality fabrics and modern fits. Take the Hurley One And Only t-shirt collection for example. Each style features the iconic Hurley logo, and are amped to take on your day. Even years of everyday wearing can't break them down.

The same goes for Hurley's Munro t-shirts. We're stoked to say this upscale looking line is a PacSun exclusive. Designed with a modern, slimmer fit, these tees are made with a special mix of top rated fabrics for an insanely soft feel. If you ask us, we think the Munros are going to lead a t-shirt revolution.

And when it comes to graphic and art t-shirts for men, Hurley has some of the most creative minds working for them. Since Hurley's inception back in the late ‘90s, art has been a major driving force in their inspired designs. This is a huge part of what gives the Hurley brand so much authenticity. Often times these collector's items feature exclusive works from the surf, skate, snowboard and music industries most influential artists and designers.

And if that's not enough to tell you that Hurley is committed to creating the most well designed t-shirts around, keep in mind that each tee is approved by their team riders. So you've got to think: if the tee is good enough for surf champion John John Florence, you know it's good enough for you.

What's more, Hurley goes well beyond the basic and baggy sizing route. You can expect a full line of fits and sizes to keep your action at top speed, whether you're hitting the skatepark, making a style statement on campus, or simply posting up with your crew.

And since all Hurley tees are made with exceptional quality and sturdy fabrics, you can bet they'll stand up to whatever comes their way. No fading or shrinking here. The same quality in built into all of Hurley's other amazing products, like their world-famous board shorts for men, Hurley hoodies, men's shorts and Hurley hats.  PacSun is proud to carry the line of Hurley men's clothes, many of which are exclusive to PacSun.

When it comes to high quality, long lasting, long wearing style, Hurley tees are down for life.  Your life.

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