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Since the beginning, Insight has cultivated its own brand of counter culture. A gathering of open-minded individuals, an artistic think tank for uninhibited ideas, and all about leading design, unique artwork, high quality production, eye catching marketing and thought provoking antics, Insight strives to create a brand ethos which acts to inspire a new generation of innovators. Representing a freethinking philosophy and alternative lifestyle steeped within surf, skate, art, music and fashion subcultures, Insight is synonymous for its tongue in cheek sense of humour and DIY appeal. Nurturing some of the surf and skate world's most humble yet radical folk, and lead by a motley crew of designers and artists, Insight boasts a global family of individual talent, including the likes of Warren Smith, Jared Mell and Daniel Shimizu. Artistic dominance shines through in the form of the Insight Garage Artist Program, lead by Creative Director Steve Gorrow, and features internationally renowned artists such as Tomoo Gokita, Jiro Bevis, Tristan Ceddia and Madsaki. At times rebellious and often the rule breakers, Insight leads by example and in doing so, challenges the status quo, all along creating a unique and gritty hand writing of its own.