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Hurley doesn't mess around when it comes to designing and making their world-famous men's hoodies. Super plush, insanely comfortable, and ridiculously durable, Hurley hoodies out style and outlast their competition -  like all Hurley clothing for men. For real.

No longer reserved for the gym or Rocky style boxing workouts, men's hoodies dominate the California lifestyle scene in a massive variety of fits, fabrics and colors. Just take a look around you. If you don't see a zip-up or a pullover hoodie within 10 feet, you're obviously in the wrong place.

Hurley has made a major impact on the popularity of men's hoodies and fleece with their One And Only collection. Designed with Hurley's iconic logo screened across the chest, the look is clean and classic. But you'd be dead wrong if you called this line of men's hoodies basic. In fact, they're built with the world's best fabrics. No cheapo materials here. You can expect these hoodies to feel supremely soft for years to come thanks to a superior cotton blend.

But a great feel and a cool look is just the tip of the iceberg for what a Hurley men's hoodie can provide. Sure, they offer killer warmth with plenty of breathability. And their easy-going vibe makes them wearable just about anywhere. But a Hurley hoodie can also double as a towel when you're seshing the ramp, a pillow when you're crashing at your buddy's house, or a blanket when you're waiting for the sun to rise during your pre-school dawn patrol. Yup, a Hurley hoodie for men is pretty indispensable.  Just like the rest of the Hurley line of men's board shorts, t-shirts and v-neck tees for men as well as men's shorts and flannels

And it goes without saying that Hurley's own team riders can't get enough hoodie action. They even lent a hand in many of the designs and the featured artwork. Even cooler, Hurley's music ambassadors Night Riots and Switchfoot swear that Hurley hoodies are what help keep them sane during never ending tour stops and roadtrips. Again, it's that cozy cotton comfort that just keeps going and going and going.

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