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Lately it seems you can’t throw a rock without hitting someone decked out in Hurley. And for good reason. When it comes to modern designs and fresh perspectives, Hurley t-shirts, hoodies and jackets for men and women give the world something amazing to look at not to mention their world-famous board shorts.

You’d think these guys had pioneered the art of actions sports style. But surprisingly the apparel brand was actually born in the late 1990’s. Sort of. Their whole story goes a little something like this: Way back in 1979, Hurley Surfboards touched down in Costa Mesa, CA. They were an instant success, and shaper Bob Hurley began making boards for some of the biggest names in the business. A few years later Bob and his crew reached out to a hot Australian upstart brand called Billabong, with the goal of launching them in the USA. Many years and millions of killer designs later, Bob decided to branch out on his own. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Hurley focuses on their love of the ocean, fashion, art and sports to deliver a positive message of unique self expression through their line of the hottest active California lifestyle fashions for men and women. And when it comes to ambassadors for their cause, Hurley has some of the very best on their roster list, including surf champions John John Florence, Julian Wilson and Rob Machado. Even skate legend Bob Burnquist is rocking the big H on his board, along with dozens of other world class skaters, snowboarders and musicians. That’s right; music has also become a major driving force behind the brand, with bands like Switchfoot taking center stage for the Hurley brand and cause.

Even cooler, Hurley is a clothing company that’s dedicated to giving back and doing more for the common good. Having recently partnered with surfer Jon Rose to create H2O, this awesome charity seeks to provide clean drinking water to the world’s poorest regions. Way to go Hurley.

And this is just a handful of reason why PacSun is stoked to be representing Hurley men’s clothing and Hurley women’s clothing. You can always count on us to showcase their latest and greatest guys apparel, including a full collection of Hurley t-shirts, men’s hoodies, jackets, denim, pants, shorts, board shorts, hats and accessories.

The essence of Hurley is based on their love of the ocean and its constant state of change. With deep roots in beach culture, Hurley values inclusion, innovation and empowering the youth. Music and art are the common threads that bring this all together. Hurley is passionate about freedom of expression and places a premium on smiles. Welcome to the world of Hurley.

And their women’s line includes some of the most amazing dresses, women’s tank-tops, t-shirts for women, women’s hoodie, flannels and women’s pants

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