Men's Denim Fit Guide 2014 -


Denim Jogger

This innovative pant offers the fit of a jogger in an all-new knit fabrication that has the feel of a sweat and the look of denim.

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Denim Jogger - 1
Denim Jogger - 2
Denim Jogger - 3

Thick elastic waistband for comfortable atheletic fit.

Constructed like a premium pair of denim with the subtle details and comfort of a jogger.

Modern details influenced by sweatpants for adjustable fit.

One of a kind fabric

Our range of unique faux-denim knit fabric looks and wears like denim,
all while offering the stretch and breathability of a fleece.

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Chino Jogger

No matter your style or how you wear it, the chino jogger is now available in an even wider range of colors and prints.

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Chino Jogger - 1
Chino Jogger - 2
Chino Jogger - 3

More colors more options

Our perfected jogger fit is also available in
additional colors and fabrications such as faux leather.
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Fleece Jogger

With its elastic waistband and cuffs, breathable fabrications, and unique sportswear detailing, this comfortable addition to the jogger family is now available in a range of styles from some of your favorite brands.

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Fleece Jogger - 1
Fleece Jogger - 2
Fleece Jogger - 3

Longer cuffs

Whether you wear them pulled up or down,
the fleece jogger's extended cuffs look great
while showing off your shoe game.

Softer fabrics & looser fit

Made from soft knits and constructed with details
such as two-tone elastic ribbing, every inch of these joggers
has been designed with both style and comfort in mind.

Fleece Jogger Waist
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New Skinny

We've redesigned our Bullhead Denim Co. skinny fit for an even slimmer, more tapered, stacked look, now available in an all-new range of washes.

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New Skinny - 1
New Skinny - 2
New Skinny - 3

Higher rise

The new rise gives lengths and sits
more comfortably at the waist.

Tapered leg

We've tapered the leg even skinnier
for a slimmer look and tighter fit.

longer inseam

The longer inseam adds inches to the length
of the pant, giving you a more stacked
look from the ankle-to-knee.

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