Men's Board Shorts
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PacSun Best Selling Men's Board Shorts

They are comfortable, they are functional and they are totally styling. Men's board shorts are a blend of all that's right in beachwear for swimming or surfing, or for a casual look any place any time. Originally invented to be worn on board, with technical necessities like secure waistlines to keep them on while you're catching that tube, and water resistance so you don't get bogged down, men's boardshorts have cool extras like pockets and clips to store your stuff securely. PacSun is known as THE PLACE for the newest men's board shorts at great prices. With top selling brands like Rip Curl board shorts, Nike board shorts, Billabong boards shorts, Katin board shorts, Ezekiel board shorts, and O'Neill board shorts, PacSun has you covered. Pick from a huge selection of colors, prints, designs and brands to find a pair of mens board shorts that shows off your beach, swim and surf needs and expresses your own personal style.