Since the dawn of man, enjoi has been destined to be yours and your mother's favorite skateboard company. Being born only 10 years ago, the universe was quick to jump on the coat tails of the latest trend of giving shop retailers money for the highly sought after enjoi shwag. With a crew of executive masterminds behind the curtain and the sexy frontmen that is the enjoi skateboarding team, the only wrong these juggernauts can do is cause pain to the sensitive emotions of the competitors. enjoi is as straightforward as the name implies, its message being "enjoy skateboarding; have fun!" The graphics are colorful and witty, with an undercurrent of humor. The enjoi team consists of Pro's Jerry Hsu, Cairo Foster, Louie Barletta, Caswell Berry, Wieger VanWageningen, Jose Rojo, Nestor Judkins and ams Clark Hassler and Ben Raemers.