It’s shocking that Electric sunglasses, goggles, and apparel have only been around since 2000. Based on the fame, you’d think they’d been doing this forever. Overcoming obstacles from day one, they’ve risen in just over a decade to being well-loved and admired for their energetic designs, and even more aggressive marketing campaigns. Created by friends Bruce Beach, Kip Arnette, and Mike Carter, Electric found worldwide attention for their futuristic designs, and top notch team roster. Without them, not only would athletes like Dusty Payne, Ozzie Wright, Peter Line, and Pierre-Luc Gagnon have their retinas burned out for lack of a decent sunglass sponsor, but we probably would have died from eyewear boredom. And we would hate to go that way. Today, Electric Visual stands as the first choice in sunglasses for those seeking progressive style and powerful innovation. Thanks to Electric, we’ve got it made in the shades.